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Cecilia CD

Cecilia CD

for Mixed choir (Dutch language, c.a 12 min), CD

Margriet Kemper wrote in 2011 a song poem 'I saw Cecilia come' and composer Fred Momotenko worked this out into an extended choral work.



for voice and grand piano (Dutch, c.a 10 min), mini CD

“Ingetogen” (Dutch for modesty) is a story about the mother and child.

Mensch v.s Maschine

Mensch v.s Maschine

Live concert at Orgelpark Amsterdam, double CD (with 11 different titles)

Drinklied (for voice and vibraphone)

Chimeres II (for grand piano and surround audio electronics)

Eneato (for violin solo) by Jenny Spanoghe

Audience (for string octet) by Landini String Octet

Les ondes de l'escarpolette (for grand piano solo) by Jelena Bazowa

VariA (for piano trio) by Landini Piano Trio

Sound registration by Concertzender (Kees van de Wiel) at Orgelpark Amsterdam (2008)

€ 20.00