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Irrational Philosophy

for block flute and surround audio electronics (12:20)

Irrational Philosophy

Golden Ratio is as old as the World.

But what are the exact principles of Phi? Of course these principles have started long before the time of Zeising, DaVinci, and before Vitruvius, Fibonacci, Pythagoras, The Greeks and even before the ancient Egypt. This proportion is so old that, beyond any suspicions, there's no proof of its origin ... 
Also from that time there have been many enigmatic meanings attributed to it and taking it as the holy measure of the Perfect and Balance.

But, despite of its curiosity, is everything that people think about Phi really true? And how about music? Can this universal "perfection" and transcendence be noticed by the (experienced) listener or at least distinguished from another system? 

This composition is dedicated to deep investigation into this subject by the precise processing or calculating and integrating of this “golden” proportion into the form, rhythms, melodic lines or many other parameters and to compare these musical results with a part of a “poetic” freedom, aleatoric and even anarchy, but all with a nice wink.

Irrational Philosophy download score/sound files   € 40.00 
Irrational Philosophy paperback A3 / fixed media   € 100.00