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Chimeres II

for grand piano and DVD 5.1 format (08:33)

Chimeres II

“Chimeres II” is the second bundle of the compositions for keyboard instruments and new media. This work is written for grand piano and surround audio electronics on the occasion of the Festival "Nuovi Spazi Musicali" (Rome, Italy), whereby the composer has been inspired by the mythical creatures. 

Chimeras are statues that one can find on churches and cathedrals as hybrid monsters with attributes of lions, dragons, snakes, bulls of different animals. In spite of there really creepy aspects these monsters have an important roll in the architecture and religion: to guard and preserve the buildings from bad spirits and evils.  

Chimeras are shadows of the Reality and therefore this composition uses the idea of  “taking over” and repeating of a motif with changing of the “colors” with the altering the positions in the sound field.

The DVD Guide is great tool to perform with the digital music, the pianist does not have to use click tracks and some clocks anymore. Everything is on the screen of the portable DVD player behind the score, the digital waveforms move in real time. 

The music has a lots of the color adventures and when using an installation with 6.1 channel surround system the listener will experience a real voyage to the “land of Chimeras”.

Chimeres II - download version (pdf and DVD .iso)   € 50.00 
Chimeres II - paperback and DVD 5.1   € 75.00