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Chimeres I

for 3 church organs (c.a. 10 min)

Chimeres I

"Chimères I" is the beginning and the end of bundle of the compositions for keyboard instruments and new media, where the composer highly inspired by an important element in church architecture, namely Chimères.

This organ-trio work is a commission and dedication to the official opening of Het Orgelpark (The Organ Park) Amsterdam in 2007 as wel l, the place where as many as three church organs at that moment were presented.

“Chimeres I” is a comparison to the feelings of having of vertigo by standing at the roof of a church,  like: distress,  paralysis or dizziness. All this  emotions are expressed by a selection of music elements, among other the repeating and decaying short motives around the church's space, symbolizing the echo's of height.

During of every performance the listener of “Chimeres I” will be immersed into a large spatial play between real and unreal, but also between light and dark, of course, between good and evil.

Chimeres I - download   € 40.00 
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