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for Mixed choir (Dutch language, c.a 12 min), download version


Momotenko's composition bears the name of the widely acclaimed patroness of music, who symbolicaly brings harmony to both performers and listeners. For centuries it symbolizes necessary
harmony, which, however, extends beyond musical works alone. Also on the portal of the monastery the patroness represents this harmony, until it finally closed its gates ...

In memory of the abolished since 2006 Monastery of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Mother of God visual artist Margriet Kemper wrote in
2011 a song poem 'I saw Cecilia come'. Composer Fred Momotenko worked this out into
a major choral work in which the past the monastic tradition as well as its future
will be sung. Emotions around the last closed page of spiritual and cultural heritage and the hope of a revival cross here one of the other.

Cecilia - download PDF file   € 20.00 
Cecilia - download PDF file with doubled harmonium part   € 25.00 
Cecilia - score, paperback   € 40.00 
Cecilia - score with doubled harmonium part, paperback   € 50.00 


Cecilia CD Cecilia CD
€ 7.50
Cecilia Cecilia
€ 1.50