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Blockflute Masters

Documentary DVD, release 2014

Blockflute Masters

The documentary 'Blockflute Masters' demonstrates some many surprising ways in which the blockflute (recorder) has developed, from Frans Brüggen in the 1960s until today. 
Throughout this film, we get to know a range of Dutch blockflute icons, and their own visions for this hugely versatile instrument. The stories of eminent teachers and musicians such as Walter van Hauwe, Kees Boeke, Jorge Isaac and composers as Roderik de Man and Alfred Momotenko, who reflected in performances and rehearsals of Baroque and contemporary blockflute repertoire, combined with unconventional instrumental settings, dance and live electronics.

Commissioned and produced by: 
VisiSonor Foundation – The Netherlands (2014), financial support by Concinnitas Foundation

Director, camera, editing: Andras Hamelberg, Franjo Studio Amsterdam
Director, interviews, sound: Minou de Leeuw

Interviews with: 
Walter van Hauwe
Jorge Isaac
Roderik de Man, 
Kees Boeke, 
Alfred Momotenko

Length: 35 minutes

Languages: English and Dutch (English subtitles)

Picture Format: 16:9

Booklet: 16 pages (English and Dutch)

Guest artists:
 Ensemble Black Pencil, 
Blockflute - Jorge Isaac, Panflute - Matthijs Koene, Viola - Esra Pehlivanli, Accordeon – Marko Kassl, Percussion - Enric Monfort

Violin – Maartje Kraan, Violin – Helena Druwe, Cello – Mette Seidel, Double Bass - Jelte van Andel

Dance - Gilles Viandier, Video Cloud Messenger - Jasper Kuipers

Music fragments from:

Flauto Dolce (2013) by Roderik de Man (1941)
Farfanesque (2011) by Nico Huijbregts (1961), 
Hari-hana-suta (2010) by B.C. Manjunath (1976)
Cloud Messenger (2012) by Alfred Momotenko (1970), 
Gesti (1966) by Luciano Berio (1925-2003), 
Les Moutons de Panurge (1969) by Frederic Rzewski (1938), 
Austro (1991) by Giorgio Tedde (1958), 
Doen Daphne d'overschoone Maeght, d'Lof-zangh Marie, Gabrielle Maditelle (Der Fluyten Lust-Hof, 1649) by Jacob van Eyck (c1589/90-1657), Prélude (Lentement) from Suite V (Pièces en trio pour les flûtes et dessus de viole, 1692) by Marin Marais (1656-1728)

Orgelpark Amsterdam, De NWE Vorst Tilburg, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Studio de Generator Amsterdam, home of Mr. van Hauwe in Gorssel, home of Mr. Boeke in Amsterdam. All filming and recording sessions took place between March 2012 and May 2013.

Archive material:

Quadro Hotteterre: Frans Hals Museum/Haarlem (1979)
Sour Cream: University of East Anglia/Norwich (1980) and Noordeinde Palace/The Hague (1987), Frans Brüggen:  Amsterdam (1967)

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